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CHEMAXX specializes in failure analysis of chemical-related accidents, injuries, fires and explosions.

Chemical Accident
Reconstruction Services, Inc.

Chemaxx understands and appreciates that clients often need a relatively quick and low-cost assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a situation before investing larger amounts of time and money. This often involves an overview of the basic elements of an event and informal verbal reports in the early stages. More formal written reports (when required) are most often prepared after considerable investigation and research. We also recognize the ultimate need to reduce complex technical issues to easily understandable concepts, as well as the implications of Daubert, Joiner and Kumho. That being said, once a project has had its strengths and weaknesses evaluated and a decision is made to move forward, Chemaxx only accepts assignments that provide the time and resources needed to develop professionally acceptable scientific conclusions. Chemaxx does not engage in junk science. Projects with severe time and budget limitations will only be accepted under special circumstances.

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