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Bug Bomb Fire Investigation



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Michael Fox, PhD.



Bug Bomb Fire Investigation- Total Release Insect Foggers (TRIFs)

A puppy stands on the porch of a home just destroyed by fire. According to the State Fire Marshal Report, the cause of the fire was linked to the use of "bug bombs" or Total Release Insect Foggers (TRIFs).

Ever since the replacement of non-flammable CFC aerosol propellants with flammable propellants such as propane and butane, aerosols and bug bombs have presented increased fire risk.

The focus of Chemaxx research in the above fire was to provide an assessment of the inherent risk of flammable TRIFs. Chemaxx and Dr. Fox have been involved in several fires involving TRIFs or "bug bombs."

Dr. Michael Fox of Chemaxx has successfully completed courses in Aerosol Technology given by The Center for Professional Advancement as well as the British Aerosol Manufacturers Association. He is also certified by the DOT in the transportation of hazardous materials (the DOT regulates aerosol containers and the products that can go in them).

Dr. Fox is also a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator who also has extensive aerosol knowledge and expertise. He has made presentations at National Societies on the fire and explosion hazards associated with aerosol and was the first to publish a peer-reviewed paper on aerosol failures. He now leads the field in the number of peer-reviewed papers on aerosol failures as he continues to publish.