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Dr. Fox is more than willing to discuss with you his qualifications and even some of his thoughts on the scientific issues involved in your case. However, please first check for conflicts and even if there are no conflicts, do not discuss anything with Dr. Fox that might disqualify him from working with another party on the same case. It often happens that Dr. Fox is contacted by more than one party in a case and in a few instances was most likely contacted with the intention of preventing him from working with another party in a case. Please keep this in mind when talking with Dr. Fox and please do not send Dr. Fox or Chemaxx any documents or other information by email or other means until there is a signed Agreement and/or Advance Fee on Deposit. Of course, once a formal Agreement has been entered and/or there are Advance Fees on Deposit, Dr. Fox and Chemaxx are committed to working only with that party.

Contact Name: Dr. Michael Fox
Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services, Inc.
4651 N. Lason Lane
Tucson, Arizona 85749

Phone: 800-645-3369

Fax: 520-749-0861


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