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Crevice Corrosion in Nuclear Reactors



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Michael Fox, PhD.



Crevice Corrosion in Nuclear Reactors

This project concerned the reliability and safety of stainless steel and Inconel piping and designs used by a manufacturer of nuclear reactors. The nuclear electric power company, alleged that the manufacturer defrauded them and sold them nuclear reactors with materials and designs known to be unsuitable designs with crevices. Dr. Fox acted as a consultant advising the utility on the technical issues in their case.

This involved an extensive analysis and interpretation of the manufacturer's paper trail over twenty years, as well as coordination with public domain knowledge concerning crevice corrosion.  

Dr. Fox is a nationally recognized metallurgy expert, corrosion expert and failure analysis expert who has published numerous peer-reviewed, scientific papers in these fields. He worked for years as a bench scientist and a research manager in the fields of corrosion, metallurgy and failure analysis of materials in nuclear reactors.