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Pressurized Water Reactor Crevice Corrosion

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Pressurized Water Reactor v. Nuclear Insurers - New York

A nuclear plant experienced a classic case of crevice corrosion in the heater sleeves to the reactor pressurizer. The nuclear plant made a claim against their insurance carrier alleging that the problem was the result of manufacturing defects, not corrosion. Corrosion is not covered by insurance while manufacturing defects are covered.  

Pressurizer Shell and Heater Rod Cutaway

Dr. Fox’s role was to review, in great detail, the fabrication procedure for the pressurizer. This involved an in-depth analyses of fabrication shop records, most of which were on microfilm. Dr. Fox established that the heater sleeve problems, in this case, were not the result of fabrication defects, but were the result of crevice corrosion. The case went to mandatory arbitration. The law firm was Baker/McKenzie, the largest law firm in the world.