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Paint Manufacturing Explosion

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Paint Manufacturing Explosion

A Midwest paint manufacturing company experienced a Wednesday afternoon explosion in one of its mixing buildings while cleaning up after a 500-gallon batch of paint that had somehow gone bad. The paint contained the flammable solvents hexane and tetrahydrofuran. 

Paint Manufacturing Explosion

A witness testified that the ignition source for the Wednesday explosion was the starting of a propane-fired forklift. Two men were seriously injured and hospitalized in this Wednesday explosion. One worker later died from his injuries. Just a few days later, on Saturday, the paint company decided to make another batch of paint using the same chemicals and the same equipment, but this time with a new and inexperienced team. As might be expected, there was another explosion that sent three workers to the hospital. The workers and their families sued the paint company. The Chemaxx role was to determine the cause and origin of both explosions as well as develop opinions about the role of the employer. The issue of Substantial Certainty was also addressed as were many other issues (OSHA, MSDSs, etc.).

Dr. Fox is an explosion expert, fire expert, and chemical expert with extensive experience in OSHA chemical regulations and chemical safety.