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Michael Fox, PhD.



Gas Research Institute

While Dr. Fox was a Research Project Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) he developed skills and methods that facilitated the management of a large number of complex research projects (at times near 20) without sacrificing goals or schedules while also staying on budget. Dr. Fox also pioneered the concept of Technology Transfer Videos while at EPRI.

After leaving EPRI to become an independent consultant, Dr. Fox consulted for the Gas Research Institute (GRI) and developed a Project Management Training Program that also included Time Management. He also developed a Technology Transfer Video for GRI's Basic Research Program, as the goals, benefits and payoffs of basic research are not always obvious. That (out-dated) video can be seen via the link to the left but it should be noted that it does not represent GRI's basic research today.

As a result of Dr. Fox's passion for research, he convinced GRI to sponsor a special study on: "Determining Market/Need, Resources and Personnel for a Commercialization R&D Project." While this report was generated for GRI, it can be applied equally to any commercialization R&D project.