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Aerosol Spray Paint Fire and Burns

Spray Paint
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Michael Fox, PhD.



Aerosol Spray Paint Fire and Burns - Indiana #1

A woman was preparing to spray paint wicker furniture. Following logo-type instructions on the aerosol cap, she attempted to remove the cap with a screwdriver. The screwdriver punctured the can and it suddenly released all it contents into the room. A pilot light on a gas water heater ignited the propane/butane propellant and flammable solvents. The woman received severe burns on her legs and feet. 

Aerosol Spray Paint Fire and Burns - Indiana #1
The technical issues in the case include labeling, the logo-type instructions to open the can, the nature of the propellants, alternative propellants, and the metallurgical nature of the can itself.

 Dr. Fox is also a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator who is also an aerosol expert. He made presentations at national societies on the fire and explosion hazards associated with aerosols and has published several peer-reviewed, scientific papers on the failure of aerosols.