Welcome to Real World Aerosol Testing, the place to find out how your aerosol product will perform in the real world, including (but not necessarily limited to):

Temperature vs. Pressure Behavior

Burst Pressure Testing

Drop-Impact Testing

Puncture Testing

Water Bath Simulation Testing

For example, while the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that the burst pressure of an aerosol container meet certain standards, the DOT does not specify the test method. Most container manufacturers perform burst tests using slow-motion, room temperature, hydro tests. Unfortunately, consumers are seldom confronted with an aerosol filled with slow-motion water. It turns out that the burst mechanism in the real world is very different from the burst mechanism of the slow-motion hydro test. In fact, burst pressures in the real world are often significantly lower than the DOT specifications, even when passing the slow-motion hydro test.

The need for real world testing has made itself evident via numerous investigations into the failure mechanisms of aerosols. The goal is to make aerosol companies more aware of aerosol behaviors in the real world and to improve aerosol consumer safety. Each test comes with at least one recommendation on how to improve performance and consumer safety, if needed. We will also provide custom testing if requested.

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The tests are performed by the Real World Aerosol Testing Division of Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services, Inc.

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