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Mine Haul Truck Fire

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Mine Haul Truck Fire

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Michael Fox, PhD.



Mine Haul Truck Fire

A mine haul truck had just pulled away from receiving a load of ore when it burst into smoke and flames. The driver had just enough time to escape from the truck without serious burns.

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The fire was fast and vigorous suggesting the availability of a large amount of fuel within seconds of the start of the fire. More likely than not, the fuel preceded the fire in some form of aerosol.

These mine haul trucks are valued at over 1.5 million dollars, which does not include the insured valve of the loss of production, which can dwarf the value of the truck itself.

Chemaxx was hired to perform the initial on-site investigation. Results and findings are confidential at this time.

Truck Fire

Dr. Fox is a fire expert, explosion expert and chemical expert with extensive experience in OSHA, EPA and DOT chemical regulations and chemical safety. He is also a Certified Team Leader for OSHA Process Hazard Analysis, or PHA.